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Stone Age Survival Skills in the Desert- Things got CRAZY out there

In our past videos in this series, we followed the archaeological timeline of ancient human technology. That started with stone tools dating back 2.6 million year ago (or more), the use of controlled fire at around 750,000 years ago, and the first evidence of shelters being built around 400,000 years ago. Now it time to stop the clock, and take what we’ve learned so far into the field to test it in real life. I will be calling this the “Survival Lab”.

In this video, I will be spending a night in below freezing temperatures, putting ancient stone age technology to the test. Will I survive?

Side note, before we get started, if you are new to this channel , you may not know that I bought a vacant lot in the Mojave desert four years ago with the idea of seeing if I could “green the desert” using ancient technology. I’ll link to the playlist below in the description. But for the purposes of this video, that is where all the crazy drama came in, and I encourage you to check it out, like, and subscribe if you want the full story.

Now, back to the fun stuff – surviving the night alone, in the desert, in sub zero temperatures using ancient stone age technology. Let’s get started!

As night fell in the desert, I selected a spot to spend the night. In my previous video on stone age shelters, we discussed a few options for shelter. And from those options, I chose a bush to use as shelter.

I brought my hand drill to make fire if I needed it, but declined to use it. Although temperatures would get below freezing, a fire in the desert can be seen for miles and I didn’t want to attract attention. I also had my stone knife available in the event that something needed to get poked out there.

Here is how the night went.

The night spent sleeping on the ground under a bush, under the stars, in the crisp, cold air, and wearing the the right ancient technology, was hands down the BEST night camping I’ve ever had. I’ve spent some very miserable nights in less extreme conditions camping with modern technology – and hated every freezing moment until the sun came up. Ancient technology won hands down, and I’ll never go back.

I hope you enjoyed this adventure with me. I loved this part, and was shocked and impressed at how well “primitive: technology still performed in modern times. I’m going to keep this series going, so please subscribe if you want to get updates on the stone age technology we’ll be testing. I’ll see you there! Bye!