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Calling it Quits – You Bought Desert Land, Now What?!? Final Episode

Sometimes, the adventure you want is not the adventure you get…

For those of you who are new to the channel, four years ago I purchased a vacant lot in the Mojave desert with the hopes of transforming it to a livable space using primitive building technology and sustainable agriculture. It is still an untamed place – full of wild animals, animals, and undisturbed landscapes. But unfortunately it is not the wildlife that proved to be the worst part of this project – it was people.

To be fair, every person I’ve met in the area have been unbelievably kind and generous folks. It is the few I haven’t met – the ones that vandalize, steal and destroy property, that caused the issue.Over the years I’ve reshaped the land and set up a small trailer as a base camp. I put in a couple of gates for my privacy and safety. But over time, each of these has been vandalized or destroyed. The outcome is that I will no longer be able to invest economically in this project.

What will continue is my love for the land and the creatures that roam there. I will be keeping the property so that I can continue to be a good steward to my tiny slice of nature. I will do my best to protect it and keep it safe and clean for future generations.

I started this project intending to show others who are interested in buying cheap land in the desert the reality of the project, whatever it may be. If my work is able to help others who are considering this decision, and they are able to learn from my mistakes, then I call that a win. I consider it a contribution to the dreamers who want follow their own path, but could also use a dose of stark reality shared by those who’ve gone before to help guide their way.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Please know that although this is the close of one type of dream, it will also be the continuance of others. I will still bring you along with me to explore the wild, test primitive technology, survival skills and bushcraft in the field, where it counts. So look forward to more adventures there. I am keeping the land, and you’ll see it again, just in a different way. But for now, I bid this series farewell, with gratitude for the good times, and an eagerness to enjoy new upcoming adventures with you. Thank you for watching. 🙂