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Primitive Technology

“Primitive” Technology Exposed- Stone Age Not Extinct

I recently did a poll asking what technology your wanted to see the most. Stone Age technology won, so today will be the start of our new series demonstrating the progression of stone age technology, and how it can still be used today.

Let’s look back in time to the very first technology attributed to ancient humans – stone tools.

The use of stone tools dates back to at least 2.6 million years, or even further. These ancient tools were very simple at first, consisting of chipping stones against stones to make simple edges, good for cutting and slicing. Humans were also using rocks for cracking and grinding plant material. Although these tools are ancient, they can still be used today for the same reasons.

Here I will demonstrate the use of stone tools to prepare food and materials.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the Stone Age has not ended – we are still able to use these basic and ancient tools in our daily lives. Best of all, stone tools are ubiquitous and FREE. I encourage you to explore your ancient heritage by becoming reacquainted with stone tools and never be without tools to improve your survival again.