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Year: 2022


Calling it Quits – You Bought Desert Land, Now What?!? Final Episode

Sometimes, the adventure you want is not the adventure you get… For those of you who are new to the channel, four years ago I purchased a vacant lot in the Mojave desert with the hopes of transforming it to…

Stone Age Survival Skills in the Desert- Things got CRAZY out there

In our past videos in this series, we followed the archaeological timeline of ancient human technology. That started with stone tools dating back 2.6 million year ago (or more), the use of controlled fire at around 750,000 years ago, and…

Stone Age Shelters – 400,000 years ago and still Works Today

In our review of ancient primitive technologies, we’ve looked at evidence of stone tools dating back to around 2.6 million years ago, and control of fire from at least as far back as 750,000 years ago. Now we step forward…

780,00 Year old BBQ? Archaeology and Humans on Fire

There’s no doubt that fire is one of the oldest and most fundamental tools that have humans have evolved to use. Fire made food easier to digest and safer to eat. It kept us warm at night, kept predators at…

“Primitive” Technology Exposed- Stone Age Not Extinct

I recently did a poll asking what technology your wanted to see the most. Stone Age technology won, so today will be the start of our new series demonstrating the progression of stone age technology, and how it can still…

Release the Mu-Mus!

Letting the #emus run free is my favorite morning ritual. Gets me hyped and ready to enjoy another day in the #stoneage.

Primitive Technology

Primitive Technology – EXPOSED! Reality Fire with Hand Drill

Making fire by friction using a hand drill has the reputation for being the quintessential primitive technology. But if you are relying on that method without the proper preparation, you may find yourself cold, hungry, or dead. But if you…


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